Pay The Ferryman


Currently the Fukushima nuclear power plant is undergoing an operation that could have an even more devastating effect than what has already occurred. In other news not found in our feed; approximately 200 species go extinct every day. Approximately 200,000 people are added to the over 7 billion of us that currently inhabit the earth. The oceans of the world are losing fish and gaining plastic on a massive level. Climate change has reached tipping points from which there is no return. We chose the road less traveled and paved it to be well traveled.

I’m a white, able bodied, middle class, male born in the United States to educated Christian parents. Geography has given power to my categories. Time has allowed me to become oblivious to such power. Being born in the 20th century has created a circumstance from which there is no escape. The very privileges that have been afforded me by geography and time are the same privileges that will ultimately serve as a curse.

It has been said that if one is looking for someone to blame then one need only to look into a mirror. This of course is false. When looking to place blame for climate change, environmental collapse, and the inevitability of humanity there is no need to look upon the habits we have formed with total ill will. After all when we were born we certainly weren’t given a choice. We were instructed how the world worked and how to be successful in it. Our ancestors made sure any such knowledge that may give rise to questioning the status quo was quickly and brutally squashed and their ancestors provided the same service for them. You see our ilk, civilized humanity, has been doomed from the start. From the very beginning of this grand experiment there were those who knew it was born to fail. Those who knew were imprisoned, enslaved, raped and murdered. We were then told the myth of infinite growth on a finite planet and have since continued to pass it on through the generations.

The myth of our lives has lead us to believe we are somehow entitled to anything and everything. It has lead us to objectify what we don’t understand and to place it into a compartment so as to avoid any and all possible connections it may hold to the other realms of life. It has distorted our insight which in turn has taken mere perspectives and made truth from them. This truth has given us purpose which has formed a feeling of supremacy within us. Supremacy has lead to the violent destruction of all we know and have failed to know in our lives.

You see it’s quite simple really. It’s been there the whole time. Those whom we have slaughtered have been saying it for 12,000 years … take what you need and give back more than you take. The problem lies in our definition of need. We believe wants and needs are the same. What we need to do is fall back into the fold of what we have always been. Unfortunately doing so won’t pay the ferryman. I suggest we use our time wisely to connect with what we never knew was possible. Then take that coin and use it for the only thing it was ever good for … a return trip to our true nature.


2 thoughts on “Pay The Ferryman

  1. Original Wisdom, by Robert Wolff deals with what he called “What It Is To Be Human” – I highly recommend it. I also suggest Journey to the Ancestral Self, by Tamarack Song.

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