Michael Sliwa is one of the foremost speakers on simple living. His presentations cut to chase and address the trappings of a complex world. Whether you’re an individual, institution or organization, Michael has dynamic yet simple ideas that anyone can implement into their community.

Michael lives a simple life that relies on the constant attainment of knowledge. He and his wife Karen are former educators who left behind their careers and most of their worldly possessions in order to pursue a life of genuine connectivity. 

For years Michael and Karen have been traveling, working and speaking about what it means to live a life of simplicity. They have built a skill set that has allowed them to continue along a path where stress and chaos are left behind and efficiency and durability take their place.

Michael has shared their story through keynotes, workshops, assemblies, and TEDx Talks along the way. He has helped to inspire and motivate many people over the course of their journey.

Today Michael is the Co-Founder and Development Specialist for one of the most dynamic speaking agencies in the country, TRUality. He is also a co-host on the foremost climate change radio program in the world, Nature Bats Last on the Progressive Radio Network.

If we consider the benefits to sensible yet simple solutions, our lives and institutions/organizations would be brighter, more efficient and healthier.

Please read through the program page and find a presentation that fits your needs.


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