Chasing A Different Carrot

If you’re looking for a more hands on approach or for something more outside of the mainstream, please contact me at  My wife and I offer a variety of personalized workshops that we customer build for your specific needs. Our workshops can be delivered in person, via Skype or FaceTime. We also can deliver them over the phone. We work on a sliding scale with multiple methods of payment, including both traditional and non-traditional methods.


The Chasing A Different Carrot Experience

We would like to introduce you to our services for Chasing A Different Carrot. In 2011 we left our teaching careers in order to pursue a simpler living existence. What we have discovered is our choice has opened up doors we never knew existed. Today our life together has depth beyond what we thought possible. Is it perfect? Far from it. What’s changed though is intent. Today we live every day with intention and that has made all the difference.

Based on our experiences we believe we can offer something of great value. Our packages are designed for individuals, couples, families, communities and organizations. There’s a common thread that runs through our work. To grasp that thread we must first come to a place where we can see it. 

Please take sometime and read through the different package options below. One doesn’t have to follow the path we took in order to discover passion for life and liberation. We have different journeys and we bring different skills to the table. Each package has a base foundation but is specifically customized to meet your needs. This step will not be easy but it will be enlightening and provide you with choices you never considered. Maybe it’s time to Chase A Different Carrot?

Possibilities include:

-living with little to no stress

-learning to be more present

-waking up happy

-deeper relationships

-finding community

-investigating the root of our issues

-connecting with nature

-living with intention


The Free Your Mind Package:

Before this process can begin we have to break down how we arrived to this point. This package is a prerequisite for all other packages. It is a gateway to the journey beyond our expectations. In order to begin there of course is a bit of homework. This package includes the book, Chasing A Different Carrot.: A Journey Towards Humanity And Beyond. The book is the foundation of not only this package but all packages to follow. We must have a starting point and the book along with the Free Your Mind package make up our launchpad. 

Prerequisites: Books-Chasing A Different Carrot*

*Book included with package

**Book available in early 2016


I. Domesticated 

II. Indoctrinated 

III. Subjugated

IV. Obligated

V. Relegated

VI. Incarcerated

VII. Liberated

Approximately 7 hours plus book reading and additional assigned readings and videos

Discovery Package:

Discovery is one thing that makes us human. When we are children we act like a sponge soaking in everything. It seems that many of us stop seeking and discovering as we enter adulthood. Instead we fall into the routine of what’s expected of us. The grind of a living arrangement replaces actual life. 

The Discovery Package is an opportunity to step beyond our comfort zones and experience the world from a different perspective. Below is a brief outline of Discovery.

Prerequisites: Read Chasing A Different Carrot, Completion of Free Your Mind Package, read Ishmael.

I. The story we tell ourselves

A. The telling of a narrative

1. Break down of the categories we were born into

2. Investigating the impact of our inherent labels

3. Tools for recognizing their narratives

II. Consequences of such a story

A. A look at the actual world we live in

1. Connecting with the actual world

2. Breaking our dysfunctional loyalty to our living arrangement 

III. Life beyond the story

A. What is it to be human?

1. Conquerors mentality

IV. Creating a new story

A. Beyond humanity 

1. Discovering connections

V. Chasing a different carrot

A. Moving beyond your narrative 

B. Moving beyond humanity

C. Problems vs. predicaments

D. End game 

Approximately 12 hours plus book reading and additional assigned readings.

Wants vs. Needs Package:

Prerequisites: Books-Chasing A Different Carrot, Ishmael

Packages: Free Your Mind

Videos: TBA

I. The Story Of Our Wants

II. The Story of Our Needs

III. What Do We Need

IV. What Do We Want

V. The Story Of When Our Wants Become Our Needs

VI. Back To Our Needs And Discovering What We Want

Approximately 6 hours plus perquisites and additional readings and videos

Moving Towards The Exit Package:

This is where the emotional and psychological meet the physical. This is where we make the leap, take the first step and meet our preconceptions head on. There will be a great deal of fear and anxiety to overcome within this journey. Moving Towards The Exit provides a roadmap to make the transition smoother between making a living and living. Once you’ve arrived at this point it’s time to shit or get off the pot. Many folks like the idea of chasing a different carrot but the actuality is a different matter. We can provide all the support and necessary skills necessary but at the end of the day it’s about you moving with intent. 

Prerequisites: Books-Chasing A Different Carrot, Ishmael

Packages-Free Your Mind, Wants vs. Needs

Videos: TBA

I. Letting Go And Finding The Root

A. Stuff

B. Beyond Stuff

II. Now What?

A. Living Instead of Making A Living

B. Money

1. Debt

2. Large Ticket Items

3. Work vs Employment

III. Living Arrangement Options

A. Ownership

B. Communities

C. Nomadic 

IV. Avoiding Pitfalls From Our Past

V. Living With A Predicament 

*The Home Visit Package: option for all packages.

*The Radical Change Package: this package is only for those who have gone through the four previous packages and must be done on location. Details about this package will remain private until participants meet all prerequisites. 

Here is a taste of what I do. If you would like a pair of handmade leather Sandals By Sleeves, please contact me at for more details.






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