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One thought on “Speak with Me

  1. The Way to See (W)hole®; Gola Wolf Richards, TheInstituteForContemplativeEducation.org
    B.A., Human Development Psychology, M.A., Theology, Philosophy of Change

    The Way to See (W)hole® is a dramatic little story, outlining comprehensive principles for global conflict resolution. And, even though it is a small book of aphorisms, it concisely expresses key fundamental perspectives, demonstrating how in the collective nature of consciousness, universal creativity has placed the transformation of all conflicts in character development, geared for sage human development, reflecting profound self-cultivation; such as found through learning The Way to See (W)hole®. By downloading and contemplating our eBook/course for The Way to See (W)hole®, character development can accede to responding to endless points of contrast, based on learning orientations for seamless unity.
    -All around the world, amid endless points of contrast and conflict, practical uplifts for the future of civilization can only be generated by spiritual dynamics of change. Consequently, for life to realized as one community of interactions where our cosmic tendencies grow to overcome our chaotic potentials, average understanding among global citizens must become increasingly (W)hole®. Therefore, by regularly contemplating (W)hole® sage thoughts for conflict resolution, individuals can and must begin to concentrate and magnify positive dynamics of change, on collective human development.
    -The Way to See (W)hole® rewards concentration, with amplified powers of reasoning; applicable to all aspects of perception. Intended for individuals to gain peace of mind by contemplating principles for a sustainable culture of peace, it supports individual creativity, for empowering dynamics of profound global change.
    -Through contemplative education, The Way to See (W)hole® offers an efficient way to integrate effective attitudes for conflict resolution, in individual experiences of conflict. As a free download with donations requested, the only way to end global chaos is by contemplating sage perspectives for universal change. To complement this process, “Speaking for Virtue ®” podcasts for character development are available free at http://www.TheInstituteForContemplativeEducation.org.
    -As a peacemaker, I am out to create a critical mass of dialogues referencing
    The Way to See (W)hole®. Thereby, in the evolution of consciousness, once a critical mass of conversations about The Way to See (W)hole® is reached, the biggest revolution in evolution will be peace. As the author of The Way to See (W)hole®, my work with others is to invite growing numbers of contemplators to deepen their reflective capacities, to save the world.
    -About, The Way To See (W)hole®: “Dear Wolf, First, let me thank you for letting me see your manuscript. I know from speaking with you how dear this project is to your heart. The manuscript is heartfelt and mindful. I very much enjoyed your word play, which lightens what could be turgid. The message is coherent and seamless… It has been a pleasure to meet and converse with you, and a pleasure to encounter your good and poetic soul in its strivings. I wish you the greatest success with this project.” Tabitha King, author and wife of author Stephen King
    -About, Gola Wolf Richards: “I have known Wolf Richards more than 40 years and have always been impressed by his skill and wisdom in interpersonal relations. He has an intuitive understanding of other people’s feelings and of their efforts to cope with the problems that confront them. In my opinion Mr. Richards’ grasp of Confucian principles will give depth to his approach to conflict resolution. He is an excellent speaker and a fine person.” Robert E. Lane, Eugene Myers Professor Emeritus of Political Science Yale University

    -About, Gola Wolf Richards: “I became particularly aware of the value of Wolf’s philosophy when I was the Director of Personnel of the Division of Special Education of the New York City Board of Education. At that time (1983-1987) the Division employed 20,000 staff (10,000 of whom were teachers) serving 114,000 students. The stress the other major managers and I experienced, often on a daily basis, was sometimes nearly unbearable. However, I was able not only to survive, but to succeed by any measure, with the support I experienced from Wolf’s philosophic precepts.” H. Steven Coopchik

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