Where I’ve Been Recently

Secondary Schools

Burlington High School, Burlington, Wisconsin

Carl Hayden High School, Phoenix, Arizona

Gateway Early College High School, Phoenix, Arizona

Westview High School, Avondale, Arizona

La Joya Community HIgh School, Avondale, Arizona

Raymond S. Kellis High School, Peoria, Arizona

William T. Machan School, Phoenix, Arizona

Universities/Coleges/Community Colleges
Arizona State University/Barrett The Honors College

Mesa Community College, Mesa, Arizona

University of Nottingham/TEDx Talk, Nottingham, England

Other Organizations

Maricopa County Correctional Facilities, Phoenix, AZ
Maricopa County Public Works, Phoenix, AZ


The White Privilege Conference, Springfield, MA
The Local To Global Justice Teach-In, Tempe, AZ
TEDx Talks, AZ, UK



2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been Recently

  1. Mike, do you accept visitors to your community in New Mexico. I travel the the country in a Roadgrek because of Guy and i’ve never been with likeminded people in the 4 years I’ve been following him. I am as skilled as they come and would be quite helpful to have around.

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